My call signs

VK6NX is my current only active call sign. VK6NAX expired in October 2016, I am still continue to answer to QSL requests related to VK6NAX/P IOTA activities.

My other ex-call signs - VK3NUT and VK3FPIL - are now inactive. There were no IOTA activity on those call signs, but if you have QSO logged and want to receive printed QSL card, please contact me. Please note that QSL cards for my VK3 call signs are not professionally printed, I am printing them on home inkjet on quality photo 120g paper.

Station setup

I am currently using 20W SunSDR2 tranceiver with Elecraft KXPA100 and home brew 400W PA based on EB-104 self assembly kit.

On CW I am usually using 100Hz narrow filter.

Field antennas include Stealth 9310, AV-640, 4 Square for 20m and 40m