VI6DH400 / OC-206 is finished successfully.

More than 1900 QSO logged, some people managed to made QSO on all 5 worked bands - 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40 meters.

Here is short video from the DXpedition below

and here is OC-206 Photo Report.

Return to OC-183 is on the list

I am waiting for weather to turn back to summer finally. It is still relatively cold-and-rainy outside and waves are still high in our close waters. The plans are to come back to OC-183 before end of October.

Previous activation of OC-183 Photo Report

Thank you for keeping me updated with your "wanted" IOTA lists. I am definitely taking those in consideration, while planning this activity. However, please understand, that getting to Australian Islands is not just a matter of loading the boat and go. The majority of the islands are National Parks with restricted or completely prohibited public access. There are number of reasons behind this policy: some islands are the living or nesting place for rare and fragile flora and fauna; some are not possible to get on without aboriginal community permission; some are located in Australian outback, where civilisation is still rushing to. Please note that I am not professional traveler, I am network engineer and I am working full day, which means that all my DXpeditions organised on my own expence and annual leave. However ... do not worry, no matter how complex it is - I will get there :)

Sponsorship and donations policy.

I see that many of you want not just make QSO, but be part of the event and feel that event is happening also because of you.

I can not explain in words how great is it to feel you support and your interest. That is what feed my drive. That is why IOTA is going on - because of all of you, my friends.

Let's talk about donations. I cannot guarrantee you a QSO. Propagation may go nil, weather can turn into storm, battery may fail. I may sit on that island for 10 hours and have no chance to raise the antenna because of very strong wind (how it recently was on OC-164). That is why I obviously not accepting personal donations before the event. If you more targeted to QSL as the result, I suggest you wait until you see your call sign in log. And if you want to add some small amount over QSL postage cost, as appreciation of my effort - I will be very thankfull.

If you want to become official sponsor (private person or company), please contact me..

My IOTA DXpedition from now will be (predominantly) under Advanced AU amateur licence and VK6NX call sign, which means I will use up to 400W PEP; the bands which I am planning to be on are 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m. My preferred mode is CW, but I am getting my setup ready for SSB as well. My 'local' OC-164 group (which I am trying to work from every weekend) will be still served with VK6NAX call sign and license conditions (Standard, 100 PEP, no WARC bands.)