CW Skimmer for Expert Electronics products

This is new project, currently WIP.
Open information can be found within this forum topic.

RPi4-based TCI remote audio system for SunSDR product line

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB with IQaudio DAC+ low-cost external audio system for SunSDR tranceivers.
Currernt version info can be found here.

T-match and L-match Remote ATU with ESDR TCI integration

This project describes two Remote ATU versions: 1. Based on variable coil (salvaged from P-140 - old Soviet military station) and variable capacitors, operated by step motors and 2. Relay-based 8x8x8 switchable T-network and L-network ATU. This ATU designed for SDR integration and uses cross-platform application (called ATU Connect) for control.
Current version v.1.0 release.

SWR Power meter (AD8310 based)

Co-related with the above project. Provides better resolution and range in comparisson to common meters.
Current version v.1.0 release.

OClog v1.0

Lghtweight, cross-platform, TCI-based HAM radio log for SunSDR tranceivers. Features: MQTT compatible, SDC compatible (integrated with Telnet at this stage) , embedded TCI-based CW macros, ADIF export as the local file (for ClubLog). This project is closed source for now, contact me if you are interested.

Flatpack2 rectifier control

This project was originally designed to cover power supply for MOSFET-based Power Amplifierss. However, over years it was found usefull by my friends for other applications..

TCI-MQTT Gateway

JS-based library. Qt6 is out now ... however ... there are few issues, if you want to develop Qt6 QML own application with TCI. First issue is that there is still no Websockets in Qt6 (which is pre-requisite for TCI). And second issue that there is no QML integration of TCI. Yes, there is a workaround - you can use Websockets of Qt5 and you can develop your own integration - this is time-costly and a bit fluffy way :). We have another. Together with coleague of mine we have developed TCI-MQTT Gateway, which simply connects to ESDR via TCI and translates all TCI traffic into MQTT JSON topics. Then you can easily operati with those topics in QML with MQTT. Very simple, lightweight, does the job and opensourse. Can be found here, on Github.. Please note that it is in WIP mode now, but we are working on it :)