OC-206 Dirk Hartog Is. photo report

For those of you who does not know yet - this 2016 year is 400 from first recordered landfall of European explorers on Western Coast of Australia. Dutch captain Dirk Hartog arrived on his ship Eendracht at Cape Inscription on 25 October 1616. There was no doubt for myself this year - I am going there :). And to make it a bit more memorable, I have requested special call sign - VI6DH400 - for this activation.

The was only one HAM operator for this activation - myself. My wife accompanied me on this trip. She is not part of our hobby, but she looked after me all the time, helping with antennas, feeding and making my tea. So, from my perspective, she was absolutely vital part of the DXpedition, the person who practically made it happen.

Dirk Hartog Island, named after brave explorer, is part of OC-206 group today. It is attraction destination and, at the same time, National Park under supervision of Department of Parks and Wildlife of Western Australia. The access is restricted by certain amount of cars and people allowed simultaneously at the Island.

This current trip and stay on Island was not really cheap. We have to bring all food, water and petrol with us. We have to serve and upgrade our truck and purchase additional equipment. The round trip expenses were aggregated at approx 4930 AUD mark.

Here below is photo report from OC-206 Dirk Hartog Is DXpedition:

BHP Outlander - the turing point from highway towards Steep Point.

25 km from here the 190 km of off-road started

The entrance to Carrarang

"Almost there" :) - 39 km to barge loading point.

We are meeting with rangers here, as the road is closed ahead due to heavy reconstruction

Here is Dirk Hartog Island (DHI) boarding pier

Department of Parks and Wildlife sign regarding nature restoration project of Dirk Hartog island

The barge is approaching, we did not even wait 30 min (thanks Kieran)


To get through the Island roads, you definitely want times to be below 20 PSI. Here we are, doing compliance test

Welcome to Dirk Hartog Island. 90 more minutes and we are at our QTH

And here is our road

Here are we 90 minutes later arrived at Ocean Villa

Nice place, clean, lot of space, all you need to hit proper IOTA pileup :)

And this is the view from veranda. I thought it woild be nice to take my Surf and catch couple nice "plate size" ...

but here I am 2 hours later, catching first pileup

This is local power station - nice morning view.

Morning tour through local museum: wool press

Early 20 century machinery

and here is nice 18-19 century parking area

Here is what rangers use nowdays to move across the Island

Sea gulls living on that small island just off shore.

The local island vegetation is not really reach, but it is very spectular

Perfect example of beautiful Australian Wattle - our national flower

Nice dragons liveng around

and bobtails came to say "good morning"

AV-640 - main antenna for this activation

Evening HAM view off veranda

Moving to Cape Inscription on 17th of Aug

Some surprises waiting us on a way, but there are ways around.

Half way through to Cape Inscription. Looking down from the rocks we saw few sharks, they are going really close to the shore.

Wiliam Dampier landing site, he came here on 17 of Aug 1799

And here we are at Cape Inscription, Dirk Hartog landing site.

High rocks of Cape

Spectacular shore site

and The Lighthouse

Unfortunately there was no chance for any QSO from here - wind was too high this day and heavy rain. But we captured couple moments to go around

and look from the land edge

The picture of most nothern part of the Island

It was nice trip there, great place, I wish to come back.