QSL request instructions

Paper QSL request Instructions

Please note: if you unable to follow below steps, then I am unable to identify QSO and Call Sign. The result will be money refund and end of story. Please double check if details are in your PayPal transaction record; if you not sure how to do that, please do not hesitate to email transacrion details to me.
       1. Make sure your read and understood No Paper QSL card policy
       2. Make sure your call sign in log. Logs and activation days are on this web site in Logs section. Logs also can be found at ClubLog.
       3. Verify your postage fee.
            - Stations including Europe, ex-USSR, Japan, APAC and Americas AUD $6.5
            - Australia's VK station: pls SASE only, no PayPal payment required, please use ACMA registered address
       4. The following information should be included into your PayPal transaction. Please verify that information was included by PayPal after your transfer completed (and if it is missing, i.e. lost by PayPal, please follow up with emailing to me):
            - your call sign
            - QSO details: Island and Date (i.e. 'Garden 21-11-15')
            - your postal address (if you have address at your QRZ page, please state "address-QRZ"; alternatively please include your postal address into PayPal transfer description.)
       5. Contact me via email "MY_CALLSIGN at MY_CALLSIGN dot NET" for the PayPal payment details.

Why you may receive refund for your PayPal payment?

Your call sign in log and you've sent PayPal payment, but it is refunded? It is because you are missing something and I am unable to help.

QSL Managers

For the following prefixes ONLY - RA, UN, EU, ES, YL, LY, UR, EK, EX, UK, 4L, ER, 4K, EY - QSL manager is RV9CX (please do not send him requests is your call sign is from different prefix). Please do not send request from other countries.

How QSL cards look?

Since January 2016 all my QSL cards are printed localy in AU printing lab on HP Indigo machine and 360g paper. Front side of the card is laminated, QSO information is printed on transparent sticking lable and stick on back side of the card.

OC-164 Garden Island front side

OC-164 Garden Island back side

OC-164 Rottnest Island front side

OC-164 Rottnest Island back side

OC-183 Boullanger Island front side

OC-183 Boullanger Island back side

OC-206 Dirk Hartog Island front side

OC-206 Dirk Hartog Island back side